At The Conscious Continuum, we believe the first step in healing the planet is to heal ourselves. We are here to assist humanity in evolving the collective consciousness toward an embodied state of unconditional love. Our goal is to guide others towards the unification of every aspect of the internal self, to help reach a state of inner peace and authenticity.

The Conscious Continuum is an evolution that increases harmony between human beings and planet Earth. While deepening our connection to the truth of who we are, we are dedicated to living authentic lives in a perpetual state of unconditional love. It is through self alchemy that we believe we can heal our relationship with one another and to the planet as a whole. In this way, we become authentic, unified, and embody our true compassionate nature. Through this exploration of meaning, authenticity and opportunity we are taking steps towards unifying our world and creating a sustainable future. Our passion is to share unconditional love by following our intuition while creating engaging and informative videos, blogs and other content along the way.

As two individuals with our own unique life expressions, we have dedicated our lives to unlearning behaviors and thought patterns that were keeping us in a feedback loop of living small. In order to realize our highest potential for growth, we live nomadically in our tiny home trailer while volunteering on various organic farms, gardens and communities with the intention of gathering wisdom and knowledge that has the power to heal and bring coherence on planet earth.

Along the way, we are doing our inner work while stepping fully into unconditional love. We aim to demonstrate the universal law of attraction while documenting and sharing an alternative lifestyle that is unbound by convention. As a result of following our hearts truest expression, we ultimately wish to serve both our individual and collective expansion of consciousness.

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